sai and all the sadness

a short note

Hello friends,
I'm back from my extended weekend with its travels and other mordorous activities, well-fed and with pictures to share. However, the working week met me with unexpected amounts of paperwork, work, and faux work that might have made me say "I wish I was doing real work instead" - but you all know I'd rather be doing more pleasant things:) So I'll try to catch up with replies and things soon, and of course will indulge in picspamming as usual too :P

However, I'm sad to say this entry is also brought to you by LJ fail. Apparently, now the stupid thing started stealthily de-friending people? And mutually, too :< So please, if you see that we've been defriended, know that it's not me throwing hissy fits or slamming doors, it's the goat! Let me know such thing happened and I'll fix it asap, because you are lovely, lovely people \o/

Hope you this week is being kind to you!
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:) thank you! And apologies again for being all over the place with late random comments and appearances.
Glad you're back!

LJ is such a butt, I can barely stand it anymore to be honest. I'm really only here for some friend's list people and comment_fic at this point.
Let me apologize again for being late and random and urgh, I wish I had more time to be more organized and be a better correspondent.

IKR, LJ fails upset me so:( It means a lot to me - it's a history starting 2007, and I've met many, many amazing people here who've become real friends, so I don't want to see it go. Do you feel more comfortable at dreamwidth or somewhere else?
No need to apologize, real life comes first.

I know what you mean, I've been here so long under a different username. I've been around since I was a young teen and am now in my twenties. I'm not really comfortable at dreamwidth though I post from there. I don't really know anyone there and it just feels so empty. I spend most of my time on tumblr, that's where I feel the most comfortable at the moment I'd say.

Sorry for the ramble, it's kind of an odd subject for me. I don't know exactly how to feel about it.
Don't worry, rambling is fine, and in this case I asked for it, so totally okay:)

Do you prefer to post from DW to avoid LJ ~improvements~ in layout and whatnot? I also made an account at DW just in cases, but don't want to play with platforms unless they introduce some really stupid changes here that I won't be able to stomach. Tumblr is too chaotic for me, overall, and most importantly, I don't see how it helps to communicate and talk properly, so I go there for the pretty/sassy things alone, pretty much. Also, the chance to meet people who share the randomest, most obscure things with me:)
Yeah, I really dislike all the changes LJ has been making. The layout of the site is getting so fugly now, it's hard to look at it. DW doesn't have much of anything to separate itself from LJ. The fannish community pretty much just went to Tumblr after it popped up.

I see what you mean about Tumblr, how it moves so fast and isn't so great for communication. I just really like all the fan art and gifs posted and some of the social justice stuff as well, which you probably can tell by just looking at my blog. :)
Haaah, yeah, I noticed of course - your blog is easy to recognize even after a name change and a few days off tumblr (which, tbh, is a LOT of time off, by tumblr standards XD)

I haven't personally witnessed any fannish activity on LJ firsthand (except westerosorting, because I didn't hang out in the fannish parts of LJ for a long while, but I still mourn that everything migrated to tumblr (just when I was ready, dammit XD). On the other hand, I cope, so *shrugs*
My blog being easily recognizable is a good thing, right? :)

I don't follow fandom on LJ anymore. I've even taken off the westerosorting comms from my friend's page. I can't really get involved much in fandom outside of liking other people's works as I have no talent of my own.
Yeah, I appreciate it when personalities/preferences shine through:)

Aw, it's a pity you left WS! Why don't you hang out there for the people? That's what I love best about it!
That's good to know! As long as my personality/preferences aren't cruddy. :)

I haven't left the communities, I just don't have them set to appear on my friends page at the moment. Maybe once I get caught up with the TV show I'll re-add them. I got nothing to add to the conversations and feel a little left out.
HAI once again and thanks for being patient with me - sorry for lateness/randomness, I'll try to catch up with your journal, too, soon <3
aw, no worries. although i'm always happy to see your comments, of course! i just don't want you to feel overwhelmed, especially since i myself and lazy and end up skipping over a lot of f-list entries if i've been too busy/away for a while.
yeah, well, I don't reply to EVERYTHING either, of course - but the temptation to speak up is often too strong and brings me back to older entries #chatterbox problems Also I am ridiculously concerned about a sort-of netiquette (as I see it) - I try to treat online friends with courtesy, as I would rl-friends. Except it comes out more formal, you know *confused in her own train of thoughs*
I wish I had your attitude! I try my best to keep up with people, but it falls by the wayside really easily. Although much of the time I honestly just have nothing to say to somebody's entries, so then I feel bad (or for leaving variations of the exact same comments over and over again). I do get very excited when there are points I actually want to pick up from though, for sure!
LOL, you don't have to try too hard - with me at least;) I find great fun when long-winded conversations spring from the most random/mundane comments, because train of thoughts is a fascinating thing XD
no, i don't have to try too hard at all with you! for which i am eternally glad, do not even get me started. carrying on conversations with nice-but-fundamentally-uninteresting people is pretty much the most trying part of my existence :(
was it some classic who commented on rather being interesting than nice, or something? XD I'm getting a Wilde vibe, but as usual, can't recall the exact wording))
have i read dorian gray so many times that i'm subconsciously quoting from it??? i can't recall any exact quote and am too lazy to google-fu, but wilde did have an aesthetic philosophy about there being no such thing as good/bad art, only interesting/uninteresting art. maybe he threw a line in there about the only real sin not being moral depravity or w/e but a totally dull person.
Yay, welcome back! Hope you had a lovely and defiantly work-free weekend; can't wait for the picspam, whenever it materializes. :)

Ugh, now LJ has started the random unfriending thing too? I'd heard about it on tumblr, but I've always thought that LJ was above that kind of fuckery glitches, or at least had its own special set of fuckery glitches. Oh, well, I saw this on my flist, and a quick check on my profile says that LJ hasn't decreed that you and I can't be friends anymore. So yay for that, at least...
The picspam is up, and I'm sort of back and in a frenzy to catch up with everything. Sorry again for being a mess of a correspondent please don't take it for neglect it's just my feeble attemtps at organizing thoughts and stuff! I saw your b-day post, and preened a lot at my doodles making it there - I'll be back to comment soon <3

Random unfriending happens on tumblr? =O That's new to me. But then again, I resigned myself to NOT understanding what the hell is tumblr about long ago, so *helpless shrug*

a quick check on my profile says that LJ hasn't decreed that you and I can't be friends anymore
I say we don't let LJ decide those things! *huffs and puffs* \o/
Sorry again for being a mess of a correspondent please don't take it for neglect it's just my feeble attemtps at organizing thoughts and stuff!
Never! It always makes me smile to see that you've escaped Mordor for a few hours, but, hey, being enslaved to the Forces of Evil ain't easy, and I completely understand that you can't exactly be online 24/7. And don't worry, anyone who draws personalized b-day cards for their LJ buddies is, like, the direct opposite of neglectful! :)

I resigned myself to NOT understanding what the hell is tumblr about long ago
LOL, my thoughts exactly. I just shrug and mentally write off half of the stuff that goes on over there as "Here There Be Dragons incomprehensible tumblr mechanics."
It always makes me smile to see that you've escaped Mordor for a few hours
Really?:3 This sentence made me swim in heartwarmth right there <3 And if you like the silly self-made things, it will keep coming, rest assured (being praised for it in disproportional amounts is a)incredibly gratifying and b)encouraging, so you have been warned XD)

Here Be Tumblr *eyeroll* One day the humanity will see into the insides of this black hole, but that day isn't near *in an ominous tone*

Welcome back! :D

*pfft @ LJ for undoing my f-list matchmaking work* No my im pokazhem!

Work has swallowed up my post-vacation time too, boo, but very glad to see you back!
*pfft @ LJ for undoing my f-list matchmaking work*
IKR? I was so horrified when I got Lya's PM telling me of it - I mean, what if some people took it as a dramatic ragequit or something? Я не подписывалась на такое!!=О

I'm so sorry to hear your work decided to qualify as Isengard recently - I haven't been able to sit and properly comment on my f-list yet, as is self-evident (and I'm Captain Obvious, and am hating this randomness and scarcity), but please know I disapprove of its change of emploi and wish that things get smoother for you soon \o/

Thank you! I do too, and the last couple of days have been manageable. I think it's the usual fluctuation, I just wasn't prepared to hit a peak coming back from vacation. That said, it drives home just how crazy the "normal" level of work is these days...
Glad to hear that:)
Agreed so much - it's disgusting how much the routine lately has stretched the definition of normal o_O Does that ever revert back, I wonder?
Does that ever revert back, I wonder?

I've heard opinions that it's as bad as it is because of the recession, and once things get better and Company hires more people and yadda yadda, but I'll believe it when I see it...
I understand your cautious attitude *nods*

My team is severely understaffed, and since we're only hiring interns (because there is a lot of in-house training to be done - guess by whom :< ) and no one is rushing to take up the vacancies (I WONDER WHY), I don't see how we're getting out of it any time soon. Plus, we need at least a month to teach new kids how to our work... #increasingly pessimistic