Coming out of closet

Dear all, 
I decided it was high time I stopped getting on your nerves (you being the term for people who have to listen to me on a daily basis) with my anime-manga talk, and I'm moving my gushings on that to a separate blog, Izumi Has Things To Say. You're more than welcome to share my enthusiasm there:)

For all other intents and purposes this journal is running as usual. I decided not to go for another lj blog because of the recent crushes and to experiment (widen my horizons, all that), so I might be posting here my impressions of working with blogspot later. And I changed the nickname because I plain like the name Izumi, and the word spring feels dear to me.

God, this feels so damn liberating!

Thank you, faintirony, love!<3
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Поздравления!(название по-моему просто прекрасно)
Как раз сегодня я подумала, что пост о Lovely complex мог бы стать первым)
Твой жж отражает все наши разговоры от Рив гош и шмоток до аниме)
Мне льстит, что ты оценила название) Про Lovely Complex пост туда надо перенести, как думаешь?

Жж затем и нужен, чтобы становление характера и книжки и бантики в кучу XD