Eye candy time!

Dear people of the internets, I can happily say I'm gorged on eyecandy now. You may judge me all you want for being all teenage, it doesn't stop me from feeling good *happy face*

I have finished The Son of Neptune (Percy I missed you and your awesome waterbending! Hazel I am officially into Hades' progeny now! and Thanatos ooh don't get me even started on you, you goth cupid). I have thoughts on that, and will happily talk to you about it if you want, but I don't know how to do it best and not spoil the yet-clueless:)

And we have seen Percy Jackson and The Three Musketeers. Oh joy, the last time I felt so good after a movie was when we watched X-men the First Class. I do think it's very much a sign of today's Hollywood menu, but the only dishes that feel good lately are those who have a sort of spoofy comic-book feel. Or maybe it has always been that way, and I only noticed it now. 

BUT back to eyecandy now. Except for some very unfortunate choice of wigs, the movie was a constant over-the-top visuals fest, and I seriously wouldn't want it any other way. I respect things that don't take themselves too seriously, to be honest. The Three Musketeers belongs in the same genre as Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, being a movie that cut most of its ties with the original, acknowledged the fact and made a nice show out of it. Dirigibles! Spies! Absurd dresses! Cocky grins! Pretty boys! What else do you need to enjoy yourself for a coupla hours on a Friday night?


I wish I could give you moar eyecandy, but the internetz are being stingy, it being the second day after premier and all *sadface* You could check the imbd's page on that to get proof)) So my picspam has to wait until I lay my hands on the DVD when it's released. Oh the upics are just waiting to be made *siiiigh*
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Upics, yay! *takes her place in the queue for one* Well, I certainly never expected it to be just that much fun =)) And pretty boys, AHEM! Umm.. good thing I'm not very keen on this particular book of Duma's, so i can appreciate the ungodly steampunk and whatnot)

All in all, we had a wonderful time, so that's what really counts)) <3
I think by now you have a whole gallery of upics of pretty boys by yours truly XD
And yes, it was most awesome, if a tad silly)) AM NOT ASHAMED <3 ()3
I bought the book a few days ago but I've been trying to save it until I've finished a few things so that I'm not distracted from completing them. I did allow myself to read a couple of chapters today though, just as a little treat.

And the movie is good then? I may just have to try and wrangle someone into watching it.
I'd say the best way to see the movie would be to go there with your girl friends to do some quality-time squeeing over boy-prettiness) I'm not sure if most guys can have as much fun with it *doubtful*

And I hope you read the book soon, I'd love to share our impressions:) I also have a number of unfinished things, but making way for PJO was ultimately the right move to have them actually read attentively, because otherwise I'd be just thinking about what Riordan has in store for me))
because otherwise I'd be just thinking about what Riordan has in store for me

Ahhhhh, the temptation! It calls to me! I may just have started reading it very slowly...

I'd say Be Strong! in some other situation, but now I'm cheering for you and your happy PJ reunioun XD
ooh, now you made me really look forward to watch those guys (it's coming out in the end of October here)!!!!