and now this means I'm never gonna look at the creep the same way again *af;lahjnkig keysmash*

Ahem. Lemme start again.

St Patrick's gave us a legit reason to go to a pub in the middle of the day (it feels so bloody gratifying to gulp down cold beer and chicken wings after a class of stretching, too!) and then to see a movie from Irish festival list. It was Death of a Superhero, the best comedic take on a tragic story I've seen in a while, and after the credits we had a Q&A session with Michael McElhatton. He was charming, Irish and funkadorable in his scarf, and ong he said he is PLAYING ROOSE BOLTON. I think the three of us screamed at that (second row, too), and we definitely hyperventilated. When I asked him (blushing and stuttering furiously) what he as a comedic actor thought of playing Roose Bolton, he shrugged the question off with some generic reply of how it is a new experience. Having heard just a moment before how he didn't read the book Death of a Superhero was based on we immediately suspected he didn't read Martin and\or the script *lol*

Do they want us to like Roose Bolton?!

amisane amisane

bottom line: Roose Bolton is never gonna be the same again.

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I just checked - he is listed in the first episode on the 2nd season only (logical: among Robb's bannermen, obviously). He is not prepared XD

I don't think many of them would read all the books, tbh.
Then it must mean they have awesome screenwriters))

MWUAHAHA Roose Bolton is not prepared. Why is it so funny to me? It IS funny amirite AMIRITE?))
I only meant only a few people, even beng actors interested in their characters, would care to read all those volumes in full if they were not inclined to otherwise. At best the relevant or pov chapters. Well, I think it's unlikely.

It is very funny 8D