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Goldfish Memories

Started in 2007 as a well-intentioned space to share pictures and trashtalk movies with friends, it continues to date with upgraded trashtalking range and downgraded punctuation. Buy now, have more bullet points for free!

The header is an element of a photo by theadaze Thank you!

Pixar moodtheme is by upsa_daisy.
big fish, buying books, defying canon, gaiman-style endings, howl's moving castle, languages, lime and vanilla ice-cream, lists, m15m, mythology, obnoxious comments during movies, oldschool english detective stories, pratchett, sarcasm hand raised, seinen romance, Булгаков, Елена Шевченко, Набоков, Парфенова, верные враги, веселить, второстепенные персонажи, гости, домашняя библиотека, дорога, знакомить друзей, мифы, мультфильмы, непомнить цифры, неупорядоченные отношения со временем, читать несколько книг одновременно, эпирафы к ненаписанным книгам