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My ramblings are slowly becoming a daily occurrence, aren't they?

Wonder of wonders. Mystery of mysteries. I go on feeling good despite headache assaults, tests, ridiculous professors who think a sexist/nationalistic joke is the best way to win the audience over, and misunderstandings with my wardrobe, which i think is convinced that clothes and me aren't destined to have a happy healthy relationship.

Is that the infamous Aries power of denial and contradiction? If so, count me powerful XD

On other things, I glimpsed the retreating figure of my scientific advisor today, and felt a healthy dose of guilt for not getting anything done. You know, Greece is all rioting whatnot, and I still procrastinate the glorious moment of sitting down and writing about it. I should feel guilty some more and then give up and just write it, if only for reasons of comfort - I hate feeling guilt or any other negative emotion for too long.

And also I talked to my mom on the phone first time in a week, and after such break it actually feels nice to do it. 6 years of owning a mobile phone only have rendered me incapable of holding a phone conversation longer than a coupla minutes. And that's saying something, because I used to talk to my girls every day for hours after school. I guess IM replaces it - less tiring, given that both work and entertainment happen in front of a screen anyway.

Everyone talks about Steve Jobs today, and one of the best things everyone cross-posts is his famous Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish speech. It feels so very American in essence, yet in the best of meanings. I don't know much about the Apple product except the obvious (like they are pretty! and everyone in our uni seems to have them=/) and I've only had my shiny ipod for over than two month, but I love it dearly already. Did I mention it's pretty?) danny_li2 has been saying I should write him a thank-you letter as a joke, but I guess as in the case of Pratchett, it will be something left unsent. 
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