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Eye candy time!

Dear people of the internets, I can happily say I'm gorged on eyecandy now. You may judge me all you want for being all teenage, it doesn't stop me from feeling good *happy face*

I have finished The Son of Neptune (Percy I missed you and your awesome waterbending! Hazel I am officially into Hades' progeny now! and Thanatos ooh don't get me even started on you, you goth cupid). I have thoughts on that, and will happily talk to you about it if you want, but I don't know how to do it best and not spoil the yet-clueless:)

And we have seen Percy Jackson and The Three Musketeers. Oh joy, the last time I felt so good after a movie was when we watched X-men the First Class. I do think it's very much a sign of today's Hollywood menu, but the only dishes that feel good lately are those who have a sort of spoofy comic-book feel. Or maybe it has always been that way, and I only noticed it now. 

BUT back to eyecandy now. Except for some very unfortunate choice of wigs, the movie was a constant over-the-top visuals fest, and I seriously wouldn't want it any other way. I respect things that don't take themselves too seriously, to be honest. The Three Musketeers belongs in the same genre as Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, being a movie that cut most of its ties with the original, acknowledged the fact and made a nice show out of it. Dirigibles! Spies! Absurd dresses! Cocky grins! Pretty boys! What else do you need to enjoy yourself for a coupla hours on a Friday night?


I wish I could give you moar eyecandy, but the internetz are being stingy, it being the second day after premier and all *sadface* You could check the imbd's page on that to get proof)) So my picspam has to wait until I lay my hands on the DVD when it's released. Oh the upics are just waiting to be made *siiiigh*
Tags: books, heroes of olympus, movies, percy jackson, reviews, rick riordan, squee, the son of neptune, the three musketeers

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