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and now this means I'm never gonna look at the creep the same way again *af;lahjnkig keysmash*

Ahem. Lemme start again.

St Patrick's gave us a legit reason to go to a pub in the middle of the day (it feels so bloody gratifying to gulp down cold beer and chicken wings after a class of stretching, too!) and then to see a movie from Irish festival list. It was Death of a Superhero, the best comedic take on a tragic story I've seen in a while, and after the credits we had a Q&A session with Michael McElhatton. He was charming, Irish and funkadorable in his scarf, and ong he said he is PLAYING ROOSE BOLTON. I think the three of us screamed at that (second row, too), and we definitely hyperventilated. When I asked him (blushing and stuttering furiously) what he as a comedic actor thought of playing Roose Bolton, he shrugged the question off with some generic reply of how it is a new experience. Having heard just a moment before how he didn't read the book Death of a Superhero was based on we immediately suspected he didn't read Martin and\or the script *lol*

Do they want us to like Roose Bolton?!

amisane amisane

bottom line: Roose Bolton is never gonna be the same again.

Tags: fiction invades reality, movies, st patrick's, мартин не плачет

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